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I’m Alexis from Sydney, Australia. I’m passionate about meaningful conversations, songwriting, health, wellness and learning new things. I’m working on projects including multiple podcast series’ and filming doco series’.

I hope you enjoy the eclectic mix of blog posts about my journey and other topics that attract my interest. Follow on IG @shinemealightproductions or YT

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Is ‘Haggle culture’ here to stay?

I sell a lot online and have done for the past 15 years and over time I’ve noticed this ‘haggle culture’ creeping in, and now it’s almost every single buyer. The funniest incident I had recently selling online was when I was giving something away for free and the buyer asked if I could also…

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7 years to recover from a mouthful of soup

Looking at Dunia, you’d never know that she’s suffered from multiple auto-immune conditions since childhood. Hearing about how it took her 7 years to recover from eating a mouthful of soup containing an ingredient her immune system ‘over’ reacts to, gave me a lot of perspective on how I expect healing so quickly. I want…

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The challenge: Staying present, focusing on the other person, so I can THINK of goof questions. Love it.

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This site showcases my blogs and links to other projects I’m working on. Always interested in your feedback and suggestions.

Shine me a light.

Cover of the song that inspired the title of this site – “walk with me” by Neil Young.

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