Year of the Cookie?

It’s no secret Christmas is in 3 weeks. I don’t think 2021 has felt like a full year to anyone, but here we are! And what does 3 weeks out from Christmas mean? It means it’s time to source last minute unique gifts for your people to show them how special they are – or how special YOU are, that you can find such awesome gifts! Seriously, though, gift giving is good for psychological well being and after the past 2 years, I’ll take all the help I can get!

Honestly, this year I have a much shorter list than usual, and I’m not brave enough to spend a day out physically shopping. But I did find myself placing an order for Christmas Cracker cookie favours for the staff at my daughter’s preschool – and then thinking “Why not cookie favours for EVERYONE?!” haha

And it seems I wasn’t alone with this thinking, as I was too late to increase the order! Haha

Looking at global trends, it seems the global cookie industry is forecast to expand by over 5% before 2025, with growth expected in niche markets. The ecommerce trend, supercharged by the pandemic will drive sales online. So ordering shortbread cookies in Christmas shapes, with their coloured fondant tops displaying Christmas messages, is exactly what being in December 2021 looks like.

Cupcakes had their moment in the early 2000’s, thanks in large part to film and TV such as Bridesmaids and Sex and the City. But today, it’s all about the humble (or not-so-humble) cookie.

Picture above of cookies from @aslice_of_art who make incredible cookie favours! Link below of a video made to say thankyou for the end of year thankyou Teacher’s packs!

Published by Alexis Howell

I'm an MBA graduate and longtime small business owner who is transitioning into blogging and podcasting. Pray for me yeah? I'm based in Sydney, Australia. I'm into writing, boxing, plant based food, songwriting, talking, meditation and reviewing online purchases.

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