Uni assignment: Does the nature of digital innovation place cultural heritage institutions at risk of becoming redundant?

In researching whether digital innovation was going to render cultural heritage centres such as museums and art galleries obsolete, I came across so many examples of how digital innovation is being used. It was difficult to select an example. I was interested in so many individual exhibits and projects, especially the virtual archaeological digs.

I eventually chose NFTs and digital artworks as my major example of how digital innovation threatens art galleries and our perception of value. I focused on the aspect of scarcity and how that adds value. It came full circle when I thought about how currently, physically going to these places is a scarce treat due to the pandemic. I wondered if being kept from these venues might increase their value in the future.

The unknown aspect with respects to this question, was that of human behaviour. This was addressed with reference to social norms. How what we perceive is appropriate and acceptable to others is, more often than not, what we choose to do.

Although I am naturally not a person who likes to be scripted, I followed instructions and wrote a script. I sourced music that lifted the podcast through creative commons music. I listened to the podcast with multiple music tracks until I found one that improved it noticeably. I sourced a picture for the SoundCloud thumbnail using creative commons pictures.

The challenges I faced in making these podcast included equipment failing, I had a setup ready to record that had worked every time until the one day I had TO record. I found software incompatibility issues that required audio files to be imported to Adobe and exported as WAV files, so they could then be imported to audacity. I had issues learning how to move tracks and repeat music tracks in audacity.

I learned I should never use the word ‘photogrammetry’ ever again! No matter how many times I re-recorded, it never got better, and my energy just got lower. So I have submitted a version with a butchered word, but at least has some energy.

Compounding this crash course in learning how to make a podcast I had personal problems due to covid – such as actually catching it and having no childcare. Such is life in 2022.

One thing I’m learning is how to go with the flow and surrender to hurdles and challenges. They all bring lessons with them.  

One of my biggest challenges was making the ‘tips’ video for this blog! I wasn’t sure whether to script that one at all and I must have 50 videos on my phone. I actually now have a low storage warning!

#ALC708 Assessment 2 Submission from Alexis Howell


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