‘Preparation meets opportunity’

Today I got the opportunity to meet with Grace Kim and record a podcast episode. Grace is definitely one of those people I’ve marvelled at from a distance, for a long time. I had previously thought we may have perhaps had similar “music dreams”, visions of musical success from an early age – I know I did.

Today was enlightening for me. I already know I have a life-long tendency to engage in deep fantasy, rather than live in reality and work towards certain “dreams”. Listening to Grace today really reminded me of that age-old adage ‘preparation meets opportunity’. As I listened to her recount how working on each task in front of her had prepared her for the next, it sounded effortless. Of course, no success of that magnitude is effortless, but the philosophy is sound, simple and grounded.

When Grace talked about how having children changed her perspective and her priorities, I thought how so many of us can relate to that. Today it seems her professional life is at least partially integrated with her personal priorities as a mother, and I found that both inspiring and beautiful.

I’m hoping to take my daughter to one of the Sensory Concerts Grace both performs in and creatively directs. Hope to see some of you there!

She got me lol

For more information on the sensory concerts, head to: http://gracekim.com.au/index.php/creative-direction/sensory-concerts or the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sensoryconcerts/

To donate to the making of this podcast series, head to: https://gofund.me/4bc3310d

This podcast series @xxxerspodcast (on Twitter) and @shinemealightpodcasts on IG.

This podcast will drop in September 2022 on Podbean and Soundcloud – links below.

Phot Credit: Grace Kim. Photo of Alexis Howell setting up Audacity (and the mics!)


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I'm an MBA graduate and longtime small business owner who is transitioning into blogging and podcasting. Pray for me yeah? I'm based in Sydney, Australia. I'm into writing, boxing, plant based food, songwriting, talking, meditation and reviewing online purchases.

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