‘A simple life doing fun things’

So I caught up with Heather Clement (formerly Heather Carter) last Wednesday. Driving around Sydney, collecting these stories is so much fun. It’s always fascinating, listening to what’s happened for someone else over the past 27 years and Heather was no exception!

We actually got captured on Camera at the reunion in 2010 in Surry Hills, so I’ve included that photo here too.

12 years earlier at the SGHS Reunion in 2010

I particularly like that Heather has studied and worked as an engineer, (like we were all advised to!) and amongst other things, designed the Chicago Art Institute’s ‘Flying Carpet’ raised canopy roof! I also figured out whilst recording in the pouring rain with Heather that engineering was the ONLY job reccommended by our careers advisor.

I love that Heather has interwoven her love of making things into her life both at work and at home. She is almost finished restoring a 1976 Porsche which is housed in her garage. What a great project to have had going whilst we’ve all been experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic. Definitely more enjoyable than the Netflix binges I’ve been on over the past couple of years!

Heather helped me to feel positive about the future and life after 50! She has so many exciting plans for how she hopes to spend the years after raising children. I left feeling hopeful. Her statement that she just wants a ‘simple life doing fun things’ really sums it up. It made me feel like maybe that’s all anyone really wants.

You can follow Heather and her numerous projects on Instagram @fixyladysydney and her Porsche restoration project specifically @porsche912erestoration

I actually got to see the kitchen renovation. Spectacular. I was amazed I didn’t even notice the wine rack around the fridge until it was pointed out to me though – times change lol

Heather’s Kitchen renovation showcased on her personal instagram account, 2021.

This podcast series will launch on Podbean and Soundcloud on September 1st 2022. You can follow the making of it here, on Twitter @xxxerspodcast or on Instagram @genxwomenpodcast

You can support the making of this podcast at: https://gofund.me/4bc3310d

If you were a student at Sydney Girls High School, part of the Class of ’95 cohort and want to record an episode for the series, please contact me at shinemealight@gmail.com

Next episode recording in 2 days!

Extra: We had sooo much fun talking but sooo much trouble being photogenic lol

Here’s the pics for laughs 😉

We started small…
I don’t actually mind this one, might use it at the top
Trying to be ready at the 3 second mark didn’t work
Possibly my personal fav lol

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