From cartoons to CSR

So I found Michelle Watson (formerly Michelle Vadasz) in a beautiful old building in Rose bay. I even thought I’d found a park right outside too…until I saw the “No Parking – Driveway” sign. Lucky I saw it too! I’ve already been rear-ended once this week…but I digress.

Not the personal car space I’d initially thought it was.

I’d been struggling to place her, not remembering a ‘Watson’ but as soon as I remembered her cartoons from high school and we talked about not being considered artistic in art class, I remembered Michelle Vadasz, oh yes. She won SBHS’s cartoonist competition back then, for a political satirist piece, when Australia was first discussing becoming a republic. I can see it in my memory still today (I think!). Sometimes I mistake imaginings for memories.

Michelle gifted me with a times tables book she illustrated. Impressive. Someone who can put this much work into something right?

Michelle’s cartoons incorporated into a times tables book for kids!

So much comes up for me when I record each story, I love the feeling when I’m leaving, thinking about all the things I wouldn’t be thinking about, if we hadn’t just talked. Michelle was in London in 2005 when the bombings took place. That alone is immensely thought provoking. We all know where WE were when such a monumentous event took place.

Michelle works in a CSR division at a major bank and loves it. It’s heart-warming to hear someone talk about corporate work ‘from the inside’ who experiences genuine heart and soul in their job. I loved that.

So much resonated with me, from having varied interests and abilities to parenting a child with ‘special needs’. I particularly liked that Covid had been a force for positive change within her family – as it’s brought positive change to my life also. I know that’s not been the case for everyone.

If you’d like to book in a time to record your story for this podcast series, please contact me (if you haven’t already).

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We had just as much trouble with photos!! So pics for laughs lol

Getting ready to miss the shot!
You can see the whole set up – inc. light I forgot to turn on!
It’s time to check the hair… I actually really like this one.
Lost it

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