The right place at the right time

Natasha strikes me as someone who is in tune with herself and comfortable with who she is. There is a glow about her. I remembered that glow from high school, someone who knows who they are and enjoys being themselves. I have huge respect and admiration for that today, now that I know how important it is!

Photo Taken from Natasha’s Facebook Header

We talked about perfectionism, yoga, the value of mentors, fulfilling jobs and recharging in nature, about parenting, relationships and the tendency to burn the candle at both ends and burn out! lol

We all have these amazing life stories. I was sure of this before I even started this project and I haven’t been proven wrong. I have been proven wrong many a time in my life, but not on this! I’m really enjoying collecting these stories and I love that we’re doing this now. This is arguable, but I believe the 40’s is a special decade. It’s certainly MY best decade so far! I’m pleased I can put my time and energy into this, at this time.

Riverside studio pic

Randomly, I saw a photo the other day from Britney Spears’ wedding and saw all these very different women in one photo. I think it was her bridal party. I saw how each one being their authentic self was what made the group and the photo so special. So that’s my pop culture analogy for our year. Every then-girl, now-woman was and is so unique. There’s such beauty in the differences and such comfort in the similarities. Natasha to me, is a beautiful example of an intuitive woman who owns who she is and has therefore found herself, time and again, in the right place at the right time. She isn’t missing her life, she is living it.

I am also really excited the Riverside software worked so well! So long-distance recordings are now both possible and enjoyable. I hope this makes it alot easier for all the overseas participants and those in far-reaching corners of Australia. Although next time I’m definitely going to do my hair and cover the mess in the background!

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These episodes are scheduled to drop weekly from 1st September 2022 on Podbean and Soundcloud.

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