Faith without works is dead

I read this sentence recently (probably in a meme!) but had absolutely no idea where it came from! But Riani knew it was straight out of the Bible, and for me, it definitely seems to sum up how Riani approaches her life.

Riani has clear values and priority number one is family. It takes some poeple their whole life to realise what’s the most important, what a blessing to know from the get-go.

Personally, as a mum who is often trying to escape my children, I really enjoyed listening to how much Riani approaches parenting consciously and appears to reap the many rewards. All the thought and effort she puts in is nothing short of admirable.

A theme of “why not” came up in talking with Riani, as like the majority of us, she piles her plate high with responsibilities; and never shies away from taking on another valuable commitment. But as the capable woman she is, she gets it all done and then some. And she seems to have beautiful support in her husband.

I’m definitely noticing common threads in these conversations. This desire to be doing, achieving, having high expectations and the ability to move mountains. And Riani is no exception.

As a primary school teacher, a mother of 6 children, a singer who encorporates volunteer work and making a long-term relationship work, I found Riani very inspirational, open and genuine.

And I definiely can’t end this blog piece without mentioning Riani’s eldest, Dian, whose dancing is out-of-this-world spectacular. I can’t wait to follow her career!

Riani’s Daughter Dian Rattray dancing in 2017

Collecting these stories of absolutely joyful for me and I cannot wait for you all to hear them from 1st September!

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