Is the answer simply self-acceptance?

Elyssa is someone I really related to. What a beautiful conversation. I feel so fortunate to be collecting these stories.

I related to the musical dream, the trying lots of different things to find her place in life and herself, the learning and the unlearning, the finding support.

I love this age because for me it has brought so much insight and understanding, not just of myself, but of other people. Self-acceptance, understanding feelings and how to communicate with other people, the value of community1 These have all been gifts I’ve recieved with age and Elyssa shared this same feeling.

Elyssa touched on some sentimental issues and how natural therapies and acceptance have helped her on her own journey.

Elyssa has been a massage therapist for 18 years now and lives in a beautiful home in the blue mountains.

You can follow Elyssa at:

We talked about ongoing education, how covid has impacted her business and the value of community.

I loved Elyssa’s philosophy of whatever you focus on expands.

Elyssa’s episode will be episode number 13 of “The Last 27 Years” Podcast and will air on Podbean on 24th November 2022.

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The making of the Last 27 Years Podcast

Subscriptions, equipment, all kinds of expenses.


No obligation to donate, I hope you enjoy the episodes when they come out in September.

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I'm an MBA graduate and longtime small business owner who is transitioning into blogging and podcasting. Pray for me yeah? I'm based in Sydney, Australia. I'm into writing, boxing, plant based food, songwriting, talking, meditation and reviewing online purchases.

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