Does living our dreams give way to bills and reality?

What a wise woman and mum I found Zoe to be. My favourite quote “I don’t want to be in charge at home, this is not my job!” and “parenting is just a series of decisions and you’ll never know if they were right or not”. I love these.

I related so much to the passion of youth and the desire to change the world, that somehow leaves us as we age. Is that a loss of energy? Is it an increase in realsing we need to just make it through thae day?

We talked about Bobby Gledhill, about all those people who’d made a difference in our lives back then. I found this spectacular picture of Bobby Gledhill from 1968 too and I’ve inserted it below. I’m sure she made an impression on many of us.

Title: Actor Bobby Gledhill in a mini skirt walking past a group of Catholic nuns
Date Created: 1968
Location: Perth, Western Australia
External Link: 
Find out more – click here

Citation: NAA: A1200, L71199

We talked about the difficulty of parenting and not wanting to raise obedient adults, the broken systems and how the patriarchy works against both men and women.

We talked Zoe opening her own digital marketing business, Lulu Loves Digital and trying to balance motherhood with work.

This episode with Zoe Pester (previously Zoe Crane) is Episode 12 of “The Last 27 Years” podcast and will be available on Podbean, Soundcloud and Spotify from November 12th.

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