Breaking the cycle

I really appreciated Kate’s openness and honesty in this conversation. Kate was willing to talk about dark times and breaking intergenerational cycles of violence and silence in her own family. Kate has a strength and an emotional quality that’s difficult to define, but I felt this conversation just as much as I heard it.

Kate has curated Art for multiple gallleries over the years and is still as passionate today about photography as she was in high school. Kate also still creates art and here is a picture of a sculpture she made from Council “Poo bags” this year. It is representative of the extreme lack of resources and fragility that can accompany homelessness.

Destitution II, 2022 by Kate Jackson

Kate was willing to discuss her experiences of personal trauma, mental health labels and how she has worked through some very difficult situations to become the mother she always wanted to be. Breaking cycles of violence and silence in families can be so very difficult because it can be impossible to even identify a cycle when we’re ‘in’ it. Kate spoke very positively about reaching out for and the value of having support.

Today Kate is a mother of two teenage girls, Bella and Ruby, and living on 50 acres in the Huon Valley in Tasmania. She dreams of returning to the warm salt water of Gadigal country and maybe spending some of the future in Tuscany or  . . . Sweden if one of her daughters gets their way! 

But this conversation touched on some deep topics and really resonated with me as I have had my own struggles and with finding light and recovery at the end of much darkness.

This is a beautiful time in our lives I believe to be discussing the past, as this is just the beginning of the next 27 years that will take us into our 70’s (if we’re all fortunate enough).

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