Making the connection, making a difference

I was really looking forward to talking with Shelley. I’d already seen her nutrition focused food business through social media in the last few years, and I was always so excited to see her posts about deicious tasting treats that were actually healthy! I’m sad it didn’t survive covid.

Some of the delicious sugar free, dairy free, gluten free etc… treats Shelley’s business Nourishing Bites used to sell.

But in true SGHS Class of ’95 form, Shelley is moving forward with an exciting new project, extending one line, Heavenly Hazel, into a whole new venture and that gave me actual chills when she painted the picture of what’s to come.

Shelley has managed to heal her own health issues through an understanding of nutrition and how inflammation underscores much ill health. I’ve had a similar journey, so this really resonates with me.

Shelley’s healing led directly to her becoming pregnant with her now 6 year old son. What an incredibly beautiful outcome. Chills for me again.

Shelley in the kitchen at Nourishing bites with her family and son.

Shelley was able to tie earlier experiences together with unique vision and passion to design her own business. And of course she’s now taking on even more, homeschooling her son, of course she is!

Underachievement is certainly not something I’ve found in any of the conversations so far. A tendency towards overloading ourselves? Often. Perfectionism and feeling pressure? just possibly!

Our struggles are more similar than we know.

Shelley’s last 27 years has been full of struggle, but also full of so much beauty, special moments and making a contribution.

Her sugar free, dairy free, gluten free treats and now her heavenly hazel spread have been recognised by the Queensland Government and partially funded, as nutritious food options are definitely a part of the solution for the disproportionately adverse health outcomes we see in indigenous Australians.

Shelley’s Indigenous business being recognised and celebrated in Queensland.

Shelley identifies as an indigenous business. The other half of the business, the love of her life, her husband, is a highly educated indigenous Australian. Shelley really did make connections we don’t all get the opportunty to make, and with that she’s making a difference.

Shelley’s episode of The Last 27 Years is episode number 14 and will be available on Podbean and Spotify from 1st December 2022. To follow the podcast there is a link below:

Link to get set up on Spotify

If you’d like to support the making of this podcast the GoFundMe link is:

More pics of Shelley’s treats below!

I just love these heart shaped chocolates. What beautiful products.
I’m so disappointed I didn’t order chocolates for delivery from Shelley before that was no longer an option! #regrets

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