Looking happy and healthy whether we are or not?

Michelle was brought up in the Jewish faith and culture, which I myself, was not. But I saw similarities in being the daughter of immigrants and in the values we were brought up with.

The value of putting on that ‘front’, that ‘perfect’ face, even when we’re dying inside. Reminiscing about crying in bathrooms, and about worrying about not being good enough. Having parents who criticise.

We both are loving this time in our lives, are seeing the blessings in the situations that didn’t work out in the past. We are both women who’ve learnt what’s important to us as parents. Of course we still want to do it all! Haha

Michelle has travelled the world and has that global perspective but has learned placing relationships at the centre of her life, understanding things happen when they’re supposed to and also acknowledging when we don’t always get it ‘perfect’…is what leads to that feeling we’re all searching for. Life lessons are upon us all and I so resonate with that.

Michelle on her various OS travels!

It was an absolutely a beautiful catch-up with Michelle. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and I can’t wait to catch up in person in 3 years for our 30 year anniversary and give her the biggest hug.

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I just love this photo so much.

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I'm an MBA graduate and longtime small business owner who is transitioning into blogging and podcasting. Pray for me yeah? I'm based in Sydney, Australia. I'm into writing, boxing, plant based food, songwriting, talking, meditation and reviewing online purchases.

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