Resilence and responsibility

I often find myself in conversations about how to build emotional resilience. And we all I assume relate to the responsibilities of ‘adulting’.

What came through most strongly for me in my conversation with Emma was how she developed a lot of emotional resilience at a relatively early age. Going into nursing and working her way up to Nursing Unit Manager in her early 20’s seemed to help her develop this rare level of emotional resilience. It certainly gave Emma different perspective on life – and death – than most people in their 20’s have.

Emma with her husband

Emma has children and balances her career with parenting and marriage. Finding that balance between career and time with family was something that took time to find and resulted in a career change, in order to spend more time at home.

Meeting the emotional needs of other people has been a central part of what Emma has faced in her career alongside managing very different teams of staff.

Emma has always shouldered a lot of responsibility it seems, and wears it well. Emma gives off an aura of incredible competency and capability, coupled with compassion and a very grounded approach.

She spoke about enduring friendships and the importance of having a support system in your life. I don’t think anyone can argue with that!

Emma with some lifelong friends we maight recognise from Class of ’95

The podcast episode of “The last 27 Years” featuring Emma Kerr is episode number 18 and will be released on Thursday 29th December 2022.

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Some of the Class of ’95 crew looking glam.

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