Open Letter to SWSAHS and others concerned

23rd September 2022

Open Letter to SWSAHS and all other parties concerned,

My mother has been ‘in care’ for most of the time since 13th July 2022. During this time she was allowed to become dehydrated and denied her diabetes medication and food for 24 hours in preparation for a procedure that didn’t go ahead – instead she was rushed to the ICU in a diabetic acidosis state, which is life threatening,

The stairs she fell down on July 12th 2022 from below

She has suffered sepsis and a punctured pulmonary blood vessel, a lung full of blood, blood clots, had emergency cardiothoracic surgery, treatment for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) amongst other procedures and is now in a state of permanent neurological impairment.

I guess what I want is for people to understand that our health system is overwhelmed and under-resourced. That the doctors and nurses caring for my mother are often staying at work far beyond the hours for which they’re paid.

This is a big deal. When it’s your own mother, it’s a very big deal.

My mother in the ICU undergoing treatment fo ror DKA

Up until this fall in July 2022 my mother was a court expert, top 3 in her field. Was able to churn out 3 reports a week and be cross examined in court. Today my mother has difficulty showering and organising an outfit to wear.

This huge change is attributable to a multitude of factors, beginning with the fall down the stairs at her residence. The keto-acidosis certainly exacerbated the already difficult situation.

The stairs she fell down on July 12th 2022 from above

Please know I will be seeking compensation for these two specific events as I believe the former could have been avoided by a simple rail installation according to building code and common sense, and the second by a simple drip, inlcuding simple things such as glucose, her diabetes medication and water.

Our family in April 2022

None of what has happened am I happy about. But certain parts of what has happened I see as others being liable.

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