Proof you can love cats AND dogs

Catching up with Camila was…in a word, cool. We have some solid common ground with our shared passion for fitness, martial arts and similar taste in music.

However, when living in Brazil, Camila had 12 cats and 2 dogs living with her and her husband at one time. Oh gawd….I’d be itching and sneezing constantly! Although animal welfare is certainly a cause I support and I absolutely admire Camila for caring for so many animals.

Camila speaks fluent Italian and French, has taught English in multiple countries, including Brazil, where her family emigrated from. She has multiple degrees, studying French and Italian immediately after school, and teaching later on.

Camila has been working for UTS since 2009 and has been involved in many projects across myriad departments.

The covid lockdown experience over the past couple of years wasn’t too bad for Camila as she enjoyed escaping to the beaches and bays and homeschooling her daughter Clara.

Camila’s episode will be episode number 22 for this podcast series “The Last 27 Years”. This is the first podcast series for Shinemealight Podcasts. It’s been so fabulous collecting all of these amazing stories and I can’t wait to catch up with Camila face to face next month at the post-launch luncheon!

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