Is ‘Haggle culture’ here to stay?

I sell a lot online and have done for the past 15 years and over time I’ve noticed this ‘haggle culture’ creeping in, and now it’s almost every single buyer. The funniest incident I had recently selling online was when I was giving something away for free and the buyer asked if I could alsoContinue reading “Is ‘Haggle culture’ here to stay?”

7 years to recover from a mouthful of soup

Looking at Dunia, you’d never know that she’s suffered from multiple auto-immune conditions since childhood. Hearing about how it took her 7 years to recover from eating a mouthful of soup containing an ingredient her immune system ‘over’ reacts to, gave me a lot of perspective on how I expect healing so quickly. I wantContinue reading “7 years to recover from a mouthful of soup”

Shinemealight Productions

In the shower last night (my favourite think tank!) I had a great idea for a documentary series. Sooo….today I’ve registered the business name “Shinemealight Productions” and I intend to begin filming in 2023. The idea for the doco is to see what it’s like working in all kinds of different professions, by spending 24Continue reading “Shinemealight Productions”

Proof you can love cats AND dogs

Catching up with Camila was…in a word, cool. We have some solid common ground with our shared passion for fitness, martial arts and similar taste in music. However, when living in Brazil, Camila had 12 cats and 2 dogs living with her and her husband at one time. Oh gawd….I’d be itching and sneezing constantly!Continue reading “Proof you can love cats AND dogs”

Bariatric surgery….cure or curse?

Today my mother sits in a locked dementia ward. She can’t go anywhere with my express permission, as I’m now her legal guardian. She has vascular dementia that rapidly progressed after a fall where she broke multiple ribs. Because she also had osteoporosis that markedly increased after bariatric surgery 8 years ago. Now I knowContinue reading “Bariatric surgery….cure or curse?”

Open Letter to SWSAHS and others concerned

23rd September 2022 Open Letter to SWSAHS and all other parties concerned, My mother has been ‘in care’ for most of the time since 13th July 2022. During this time she was allowed to become dehydrated and denied her diabetes medication and food for 24 hours in preparation for a procedure that didn’t go aheadContinue reading “Open Letter to SWSAHS and others concerned”

Resilence and responsibility

I often find myself in conversations about how to build emotional resilience. And we all I assume relate to the responsibilities of ‘adulting’. What came through most strongly for me in my conversation with Emma was how she developed a lot of emotional resilience at a relatively early age. Going into nursing and working herContinue reading “Resilence and responsibility”

Looking happy and healthy whether we are or not?

Michelle was brought up in the Jewish faith and culture, which I myself, was not. But I saw similarities in being the daughter of immigrants and in the values we were brought up with. The value of putting on that ‘front’, that ‘perfect’ face, even when we’re dying inside. Reminiscing about crying in bathrooms, andContinue reading “Looking happy and healthy whether we are or not?”