Making the connection, making a difference

I was really looking forward to talking with Shelley. I’d already seen her nutrition focused food business through social media in the last few years, and I was always so excited to see her posts about deicious tasting treats that were actually healthy! I’m sad it didn’t survive covid. But in true SGHS Class ofContinue reading “Making the connection, making a difference”

How you make people feel

Meeting with Polina yesterday was incredible for me as we first met in Kindergarten at Kambala in 1983! We carried our little brown suitcases, wearing our little grey uniforms together into the very first day of our school years. There were actually two other Class of ’95 SGHS students in that kindergarten class, but IContinue reading “How you make people feel”

Breaking the cycle

I really appreciated Kate’s openness and honesty in this conversation. Kate was willing to talk about dark times and breaking intergenerational cycles of violence and silence in her own family. Kate has a strength and an emotional quality that’s difficult to define, but I felt this conversation just as much as I heard it. KateContinue reading “Breaking the cycle”

Does living our dreams give way to bills and reality?

What a wise woman and mum I found Zoe to be. My favourite quote “I don’t want to be in charge at home, this is not my job!” and “parenting is just a series of decisions and you’ll never know if they were right or not”. I love these. I related so much to theContinue reading “Does living our dreams give way to bills and reality?”

Is the answer simply self-acceptance?

Elyssa is someone I really related to. What a beautiful conversation. I feel so fortunate to be collecting these stories. I related to the musical dream, the trying lots of different things to find her place in life and herself, the learning and the unlearning, the finding support. I love this age because for me itContinue reading “Is the answer simply self-acceptance?”

Life after medication

I have a story, many stories in fact, as we all do. One of them I want to tell here today. In 1999 I was diagnosed with manic depression, a diagnosis which later became Bipolar Disorder. I was started on medication including SSRI anti-depressants, mood stabilisers, anti-psychotics and benzodiazepines. In 2019, I was told myContinue reading “Life after medication”

Podcast Countdown: 64 days to go!

I’ve just realised there isn’t that much time before we launch this podcast series. When I initially started recording these episodes, I thought September 2022 was a long way off, but it’s not anymore! It has occurred to me that the Selective High School test we all sat unintentionally selected for character traits possibly, asContinue reading “Podcast Countdown: 64 days to go!”