The right place at the right time

Natasha strikes me as someone who is in tune with herself and comfortable with who she is. There is a glow about her. I remembered that glow from high school, someone who knows who they are and enjoys being themselves. I have huge respect and admiration for that today, now that I know how importantContinue reading “The right place at the right time”

From cartoons to CSR

So I found Michelle Watson (formerly Michelle Vadasz) in a beautiful old building in Rose bay. I even thought I’d found a park right outside too…until I saw the “No Parking – Driveway” sign. Lucky I saw it too! I’ve already been rear-ended once this week…but I digress. I’d been struggling to place her, notContinue reading “From cartoons to CSR”

‘A simple life doing fun things’

So I caught up with Heather Clement (formerly Heather Carter) last Wednesday. Driving around Sydney, collecting these stories is so much fun. It’s always fascinating, listening to what’s happened for someone else over the past 27 years and Heather was no exception! We actually got captured on Camera at the reunion in 2010 in SurryContinue reading “‘A simple life doing fun things’”

Is ham ‘the new smoking’?

Last week, Sunrise and Seven news ran segments about ham. The Australian Cancer Council have advised schools against putting processed meats such as ham, in school lunches, as the World Health Organisation has classified ham as a Class 1 carcinogen. Viewers were shocked to hear from a medical doctor, there is no safe level ofContinue reading “Is ham ‘the new smoking’?”

‘Preparation meets opportunity’

Today I got the opportunity to meet with Grace Kim and record a podcast episode. Grace is definitely one of those people I’ve marvelled at from a distance, for a long time. I had previously thought we may have perhaps had similar “music dreams”, visions of musical success from an early age – I knowContinue reading “‘Preparation meets opportunity’”

How deep is ‘too deep’?

I went into this podcast project with a clear objective: to probe into other people’s lives (with their approval of course – and assistance!). However I hadn’t considered there might be any other outcome other than absolute bliss for all involved. Now I’m becoming aware that others may have seen reason for caution from theContinue reading “How deep is ‘too deep’?”

Rainy days and Fridays?

Speaking this week with someone about their experience of feeling down and sad during the winter months prompted me to look it up. And after waking up unexpectedly down and sad thismorning myself, I’ve decided to write about it. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a real condition where people experience symptoms including feeling hopeless, havingContinue reading “Rainy days and Fridays?”

Encounter with a slow made nomad…

Today was refreshing. I haven’t previously examined the expectations I had going into this project and I guess now is the time. I like to think I had none, but that isn’t true. I know I’ve felt many different emotions in the lead up to the two recordings so far, in the lead up toContinue reading “Encounter with a slow made nomad…”

“You look sooo different! What have you been doing?”

Sometimes I look around and think “I’m not where I want to be” BUT I’m sure as heck not where I used to be. Over the past few years I have made significant changes and transformed my physical and mental health completely. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. At least once a week someone comments onContinue reading ““You look sooo different! What have you been doing?””

We’re on our way! The first ‘From the Inside’ Podcast episode recorded.

Today I completed the first podcast recording and what a learning curve! The day started when I woke up at 3am suddenly aware of all of the details I’d previously overlooked. Things such as having two microphones, two sets of headphones, a laptop (rather than transporting my HP Envy Desktop PC!) and downloading audacity ontoContinue reading “We’re on our way! The first ‘From the Inside’ Podcast episode recorded.”